Church of The Resurrection of Our Lord

may he be with us


24th December:

¨ 9.30am: Regular morning Mass

¨ 6.00pm Christmas Vigil Mass 

¨ 11.30pm Carols

25th December:

¨ 12am Midnight Mass 

¨ 10.00am  Christmas Day Mass

¨ 6.00pm Saturday Vigil Mass for Sunday

26th December:

¨ 9.00am and 11am Sunday Mass 

27th—28th December: Bank Holiday

¨ Mass at 10.00am each day 

29th—30th December:

¨ Regula Weekday Mass at 9.30am

31st December

¨ 9.30am: Regular morning Mass 

¨ 11.30pm Carols

1st January

¨ 12am Midnight Mass (Mary, Mother of God)

¨ 10.00am (New Year’s day Mass)

¨ 6.00pm (Saturday Vigil Mass for Sunday) 

2nd January:

¨ 9.00am and 11am (Sunday Mass)

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If you wish to request for Mass, please use the Mass envelope. If you are on Gift Aid, please, write your Gift Aid number on the envelope. If you choose to request for Mass online, please do the following: 

1.To have the parish bank details: Sort Code; 60-21-12 Account No.37378686 

2.Transfer the stipend (amount) with a ref-erence, “Mass Stipend”. If you are on a Gift Aid, please add your Gift Aid no with a ref-erence, for example, “Mass Stipend”(50). If you do not have enough space , simply write, “MS(50). 

3. Send an email to the parish ( with these details: A. Intention, B. Date preferred, C. Time of Mass, D. Donor, E. Amount transferred to the parish account,  F. Gift Aid No. (If you are on Gift Aid). Note: if your request date for mass is ava-laible, you will be informed via email, and your Mass will be fixed. If it is not, you will get any available date, and also be informed via email. Thank you 


If you wish to send your weekly parish col-lection online, please, do the following:  

1. Please, consider Standing Order. If you wish to do S.O., download the form from the website ( or set up your S.O. through online banking.  

2. Some people may not want to set up S.O., but wish to send their weekly collection online. Please, do the following: .  Send  your weekly collection to the parish account (Sort Code: 60-21-12 Account No.37378686) . 

Your reference should be, “Weekly Collection”. If  you are on Gift Aid, please, add  your gift aid number to your reference. For e.g “Weekly Collection”(50)”. If  you do not  have enough space, simply write,  “WC(50)”.  

Thank  you



We shall be arranging three meetings, each of two hours, two online via Zoom and one live in the church. The first Zoom meeting will be next Sunday afternoon, 31 October, from 4.00 to 6.00pm. The second Zoom meeting will be in the evening of Thursday 11th November, from 7.30 to 9.30pm The live meeting in church will be on Sunday 14th November from 4.00 to 6.00pm. You can also if you want pass on your thoughts direct to the diocese. 


Please, follow the link below to join the meetings:

 Zoom Link

 Or, join manually Meeting ID:7033015592 Passcode: 293093

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